Our Ranges


With NORSK we’ve taken Scandinavian design and the Norwegian landscape as our inspiration. Items have a simple uncomplicated styling, cut back to just the essentials, allowing the colour or material to speak for themselves. Tones and textural contrasts are fresh and sharp. Our Norsk range is modern, tinged with elements of traditional folk craft.

Natural Textures

With NATURAL TEXTURES we are trying to evoke that feeling of being in touch with nature. The colours used are all drawn from a limited palette of creams,beige and browns. Their neutral qualities allow the feel and textures of wood or yarn to come more to the fore. The Natural Textures range has a relaxed aesthetic, focused on creating tactile qualities and finishes.

Earth Tones

EARTH TONES borrows the colourful tones and legacy of mineral pigments, that humanity has creatively utilised for millennia. It features strong intense colours, which like geological strata are often shot through with rich veins of glittering copper gilt. The Earth Tones range employs a richly embellished and decorative exoticism, creating a finish that can appear both ancient and contemporary.


ECLECTICA by name, eclectic by nature. Not really a range as such, it’s more a broad mix of items with no predominant style, finish or colour pallette, other than that they are all one off experiments or test pieces. This means that each item is somewhat special and because of their experimental origins are rather unique and unrepeatable.