In Norsk, we’ve taken the Norwegian landscape as our inspiration, and the language through which this range speaks. The Scandinavian region is rightly renowned for its approach to colour and design. Its simple sparing use of materials and uncomplicated styling, cut back to the barest essentials of it. We’ve tried to instill elements of this into our Norsk range.

The colours here echo the cold sharpness of clean clear air, lit by the low angle of a northern winter sun. There’s the purest sheet of white sparkling snow imaginable, where all other colours become bleached by it, blues and greens turn icy and pale, skin tones have only the suggestion of a flushed but broken pink. Everything else lying in the strong shadows of that sun, are cast in tones of grey, varying in intensity and degree.

In Norsk we’ve allowed the colours and materials we’ve used to speak for themselves. Our yarn colours are chosen from quite a subtle palette, clean and crisp, with no flecks or slubs In knitted items it’s all in the simple repetitive beauty of a basic stitch. Whether it’s a garter or a moss stitch we’ve knit it large and let the unadorned contrasts between knit and purl be what it’s about.

We’ve made our contrasts stark, putting white next to grey, the texture of a white crocheted edging on a matt dark grey surface, a pattern against a smooth background. Our Norsk range is modern, yet tinged with elements of traditional folk craft.