Natural Textures

The North Norfolk coast is a place that a lot of people love for its relatively unspoilt countryside and the elemental qualities of its weather. It puts us back in touch with nature, and with what is natural. In our Natural range we’re likewise trying to stay in touch with what is natural. The colours are drawn from quite a limited muted palette, mainly creams and various tones of beige strengthening to a warm reddish brown. These neutral colours are required only to be subtly suggestive, there to help enhance the natural textures of the materials used.

Once you start making anything by hand, you learn to understand the qualities and potential of the material you are working with, and start to highlight these. In the Natural range we’ve emphasised the rough wiry edges of hessian cloth, the hair like fibrous qualities of jute string, its changed appearance whether it’s plaited or straight. Contrasted with the smooth feel of a toggle button decoration. The paint finishes can be smooth, crackled, or rubbed back to emphasise the distinctive rough graining of the palette wood beneath.

For knitted items we’ve mostly selected aran style yarns flecked with darker fibers that have a stronger textural effect once knit. The stitches are mainly traditional cables and basket-weaves, softened and given a warm approachable feel by the aran yarn. Our Natural range has a relaxed unshowy aesthetic, and is all about the tactile qualities and the feelings of closeness to nature that these can evoke.