Our Items

Picture Frames

We use either recycled second hand or hand made frames which then have some style or paint effect applied to them. Quite often we enhance the grain of the wood by painting a base layer of a darker colour beneath a lighter colour, and then gently sanding this top layer of paint until the right amount of grain appears in two beautiful complementary colours.


All of our mirrors are made from recycled wood or upcycled picture frames with new mirror glass. We use similar techniques to our picture frames and often there'll be conversation between the two ranges of items

Soft Furnishings

Our range of soft furnishings are produced in either knit or crochet using a wide variety of yarns depending on the range. We pay particular attention to the finishing and choosing the right stitches and techniques to highlight the best aspects of the yarn in order to produce a balanced, cohesive item.

Furniture and Home Accessories

Our starting point for our home-ware is the question 'is it useful?'. This range includes trays, side-tables and stools in many finishes and techniques.