Eclectica by name, eclectic by nature. Eclectica is not a range, as such, but a broad mix of items with no specific linking style, finish or colour pallette, other than that they were one off experiments or test pieces. This means each of one them is somewhat special and hence of a rather unique and unrepeatable nature.

At Cottonwood Workshop we like to allow ourselves the space and time to let our imaginations and creativity run off the rails for a bit, setting off to explore fresh creative territory. Eclectica is the result of us trying out new ideas outside of the constraints of the predefined styles of an established popular range.

These experiments on sale in Eclectica are ideas we perhaps once thought would develop to be part of a range of lines that didn’t happen, or they may find a place in a future range, or the technique being tried out on them will appear used in an entirely different context later.

So, in Eclectica you’ll find brightly coloured cushions and blankets,sitting next to a soft cream crackle finished table. This is where you’ll find the most successful of these test pieces, or perhaps they might just be the early beginnings of a range that’s yet to be.