Earth Tones

From man’s early cave paintings, through to egyptian murals and renaissance painting, mankind has exploited the colourful artistic potential of mineral pigments found in the earth. These natural tones mined from the Earth’s geology have become an essential part of human expression and creativity. Our Earth Tones range draws on some of this colourful legacy, using modern synthetic versions of those basic reds, oranges or golden ochres, muted purples and indigos, pale and dark cobalt greens, and burnt umbers, with the added splash of a coppery gilding. Creating an effect that appears simultaneously both ancient and modern.

Earth Tones main colour is a dark blood red, brought added richness by the copper gilding or beads used to embellish frames or decorate cushions. The wonderful thing about earth pigments is that they sit alongside each other quite easily, complementing and enriching each other. Our Earth Tones range utilises this in its choice of materials. The quality of crochet yarn’s colour repeat as it cycles through reds, oranges, ochres and greyish umber, or a deep red yarn knitted with a black/copper thread, woven into it like a glittering vein of a semi precious metal.

The Earth Tones range has echoes of geological strata, in its use of textural glazes and crackle finishes that look like they’ve been sliced from a gold crystaline stone veined with red. It’s also a range that is unrestrained in bringing some decorative exoticism into being. What we love, we worship, but primarily we will richly embellish.